About us

McDonald Carter is an accounting firm represented by progressive offices in locations across Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia run by professional accountants and consultants possessing vast experience and expertise committed to administer their highest quality of services to their clients. 


While we are united by a common culture and brand, each McDonald Carter firm is independent. The teams that run the firm and own the business, have a special interest in making sure that they deliver what clients need and possess understandings of what it takes to succeed led by a group of dedicated professionals having qualifications and experience committed to understanding clients' needs and is dedicated to nurturing their business success.

History 1886


The year marked 1886 the epoch founding of the accounting practice by Runting & McDonald in Melbourne, Australia followed by a merger with Bunn Carter & Keenan. Since then with the admission of new partners and various mergers, McDonald Carter has over the century also expanded its range of services. Following McDonald Carter's admission to the INPACT Asia Pacific network in 1999, the firm was re-named, but still retaining its heritage name, to INPACT McDonald Carter in 2003. In the same year, it also licensed the use of the firm's heritage name to its global affiliate members. The Malaysian firm established in 1994 was licensed the heritage name of McDonald Carter in year 2012.

Global reach / International services

McDonald Carter PLT is proud to be a member of INPACT, one of the worlds leading accountancy associations.

Global presence

With over 140 members in 220 offices across 65 countries, INPACT members can service all your international and cross border needs.

INPACT members are independent accountancy firms, employing skilled, professional advisors with extensive local expertise. INPACTs worldwide network of tax consultants and auditors work together to provide clients with a responsive and seamless international service.

Trusted and successful

INPACT has a 30-year history of success and is continuing to grow. The association is consistently ranked in the top 20 of global accountancy associations.  

Supportive and collaborative

INPACT is a supportive and innovative association that fosters a sense of sharing and best practice. INPACT members attend regular meetings and events to share knowledge and information and build strong relationships across the globe for the benefit of their clients.  

Rapid and personal service

As INPACT members, we embrace a culture that emphasises personal service, rapid response times, reliability and innovative thinking.

So, you can be sure that the international needs of your business are in safe hands with INPACT. For more information please visit: https://inpactglobal.org/